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  • How long will it take to process the application?
  • By using TMJAM your trademark can be filed instantly with the IP Office. Unlike using a law firm, which could take many days to file an application, TMJAM prepares and sends your request for filing direct to the IP Office instantly.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • No. There will be no fees for acceptance or registration of your trademark application. In the event you receive an objection from the IP Office or an opposition from a third-party, we will let you know and discuss your options for proceeding and the associated costs.
  • Can I talk to someone?
  • You can speak to the ™ Bot from TMJAM at any time. The ™ Bot is down in the right hand corner to help you with any questions. You can also email us at any time.
  • How does it work?
  • TMJAM has been authorised by the IP offices in both New Zealand (IPONZ) and Australia (IP Australia) to file direct trademark applications and renewals. When you submit an application through our platform, you are submitting it directly to the IP Office, however without complicated forms.
  • Do you provide legal services?
  • No. TMJAM was designed by lawyers, however it is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or services.
  • My goods / services are not listed.
  • TMJAM’s application wizard has more than 300,000 goods / services to select from. In the event your goods / services are not listed, drop us a line and we can add them for you or file a manual application.